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Endocrine Surgery

We are the leaders in Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal Surgery and Neuroendocrine Tumor Surgery

Surgical Oncology

We offer multidisciplinary team based surgical care for various cancer conditions including GI and Breast Cancer. 

General Surgery

We believe in quality surgical care for routine general surgical procedures. 

Taking care of your surgical health

Quality Care in Endocrine, Surgical Oncology and Breast Problems

We aim and strive to offer well targeted care goals leading to better patient care and satisfaction Endocrine & Cancer Surgery Services (

About Us
Multidisciplinary Care

Prof Talat Waseem FRCS Eng, FACS, DM Harvard is a well-known surgeon in the town. He is the General Secretary of Pakistan Endocrine & Thyroid Surgeons Association and Editor in Chief of Archives of Surgical Research. 

We believe in Multidisciplinary quality surgical care, which involves input from multiple team members leading to better patient outcomes. 


Prof Talat Waseem FRCS Eng, FACS, DM Harvard

Consultant Endocrine Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist

Chief of Surgery & Allied, Shalamar Medical and Dental College, Lahore

Prof. Talat Waseem is Chief of Surgery and Consultant Surgeon at Shalamar Hospital. He is Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons England (2017), FRCS GenSurg (2017), Fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (2012) and Fellow of American College of Surgeons USA (2020). He has done Postdoctoral Fellowship in Surgical Research from Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA (2002-2005). He is Masters in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, UK (Scholar) and Masters in Medical Education. He is current General Secretary of Pakistan Endocrine & Thyroid Surgeons Association and Editor in Chief of peer-reviewed journal, Archives of Surgical Research. Prior to joining Shalamar, Dr. Talat Waseem was Clinical Lecturer at Cork University College and University of Limerick, Ireland.   He is considered best thyroid surgeon in Lahore. He has published more than 100 research articles in international and national journals (for details browse Google Scholar).

Prof Talat Waseem FRCS, FACS, DM, MME

ASR Front Page.jpg

Archives of Surgical Research: A Peer Reviewed Journal

ASR is a peer reviewed Archives of Surgical Research (ASR) ASR ISSN: 2709-684X (Print), 2709-6858 (Online) is dedicated to the local, national, and global advancement of surgical research, education and clinical practice. Dr T Waseem founded this journal and is its Editor in Chief.



Shalamar E Learning Management System (SeLMS)

Shalamar E-Learning Management System (SeLMS) provides excellent online resources and interactive virtual learning environment for its graduates to meet the requirements of the 21st Century Medical Education.



Pakistan Endocrine & Thyroid Surgeons Association

Pakistan Endocrine & Thyroid Surgeons Association (PETSA) is the representative body of Pakistani Surgeons who have a specialist interest in surgery of the endocrine glands (thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal). Dr T Waseem serves as General Secretary of PETSA.



Shalamar Surgical Research Initiative


Department of Surgery is committed to research and innovation. We started  Shalamar Surgical Research Initiative 7 years back with vision and mission to train and teach students, interns and postgraduates, which is bearing fruits now.



Surgiomics: Excellence in Surgical Learning

The Curriculum in Surgery is aimed at providing students with a clear and concise overview of the surgical teaching in the clinical phase of their studies at the SMDC. This Website provides online resources for the SMDC Graduates. Dr T Waseem created this platform 5 years back and edits it. 



Surgical Education & Training

Surgical Education and Training has always been a high priority. Innovative solutions have been designed by Dr Waseem for Operating Room Based Learning, and Quality Assurance of Online Surgical Learning. Endocrine Surgery Fellowship has been designed to promote Endocrine Surgery in Pakistan



Below is a brief glimpse of

Dr Waseem's Operative & Research Work.


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